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God has recently brought Liberty Church and The Gathering Church to an exciting new place. After several months of conversation, prayer, and deep consideration of the mission, vision, and direction of both churches, the elders and leaders of Liberty Church and The Gathering Church believe the Lord has led us to join together as one church. We have come to believe that this is the best way for our individual churches to more effectively reach out to the people of Tulsa and surrounding communities for Jesus. We have come to the conclusion that we are better together, and that God has opened a door for us to move into the future together. 

The new church has launched with a whole host of people from both churches who love Jesus and who are passionate about making an impact for the Kingdom of God. Together we will benefit from additional financial resources, a strong combination of young and old, an increase in the number of dedicated volunteers, and a renewed passion for reaching our city for Jesus.  

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JULY 30, 2016 Article in the Tulsa World



During the opening season of our new church we wanted to focus on Jesus, being better together, and rallying around the great commission rather than choosing and announcing a new church name. Now we are ready to announce with great enthusiasm that we have prayerfully chosen a new name that we can be proud of for years to come. After much thought, prayer, and counsel we have chosen ANTHEM CHUCH to be our new church name. 

An "anthem" is "a rousing or uplifting song" that represents the ideals and aspirations of a group of people. An “anthem” is also defined as a “song or hymn of praise or gladness” and "sacred music based on a set of beliefs or biblical passage.”

There are a number of reasons that we eventually landed on Anthem Church as our new name. First, the word anthem is an older word that still has a modern feel and we believe it can resonate with both younger and older generations. Second, it is a memorable and unique church name that will be long-lasting. Third, the name has an energetic and uplifting quality. Fourth, Anthem Church has a unified, standing together feel that fits the vision of the new church.

Our ultimate inspiration points back to Jesus - his life, death, resurrection, and return. We live because of Him. We sing because of Him. We reach out to others because of Him. Our anthem is only, ever, always about Jesus. We want our new name to serve as both the reason we gather as a church and as the reason we go out into the world to tell others about Him.