One of the greatest things we can do as a church is to impact the community around us with the love of Christ. The vision at of Anthem Church is to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to share Jesus with those outside our walls.  We are committed to doing our part in making Tulsa a better place to live for everyone. By meeting practical needs and loving the people of Tulsa, we hope to see lives changed and our city transformed.

We want to encourage every small group to find their WHATEVER IT TAKES! Here are some ideas of things to do together, and partners that would love to have you come alongside them! Here are some ongoing projects around town to give you some ideas. If you would like other information, or have questions contact Andrew Hahn at


Fall Festival: On October 31st we plan on hosting hundreds of guests at our church for Fall Festival. There are many ways for your group to get involved and serve the community! Contact to find out ways to help!

Thanksgiving Outreach: On November 17th we plan on going out into our community and blessing around 150 families with Thanksgiving meals. This would be an awesome way to mobilize your group to do Whatever it Takes. Contact to learn more.

Christmas Outreach: The Christmas season is one of giving. This year we will be blessing children and families through Angel Tree. We will collect gifts and then hand deliver them! Contact Patti Lester on how you can be involved at

Feed My Starving Children: May 1st-4th 2019.  Contact David Graves at to learn more on how your group can get involved.

Summer Outreach: In the Summer of 2019 we will be reaching out to Somerset Apartments again. Contact Eric Vandebrake to get involved!


New Hope Oklahoma: New Hope serves children who have at least one caregiver incarcerated. For more info visit, or contact Jennifer Davis at

Car Clinic: Every 2nd Saturday of every month a team of volunteers help mostly single moms with car care in the parking lot of Anthem Church. Mark Hanne for more info at 918 809-8128 or

Little Lighthouse: The Little Lighthouse serves families and children with disabilities. Learn more at or call Derrell Fortner at 918 625-4527

John 3:16 Mission: Go as a group to feed the homeless. Contact their volunteer coordinator

Saturate Tulsa: Churches from all over Tulsa will be saturating Tulsa with the Jesus Film in 8 major languages by hanging a bag with the DVD and literature of Jesus in them. This looks to be starting sometime this Spring. We want every person in our city to be able to hear the Good News of Jesus in their language. Contact Andrew Hahn at if you are interested. 


Clean out a neighbor’s flower bed, rake leaves, etc. around their house.

Throw a “block party” by inviting neighbors to come to a cook out that your group throws. 

Adopt a widow to take dinner to and do work around their house.

Go to a local city meeting and hand out bottles of water to people.

Host a $1 Car Wash where you wash people’s cars and give them a $1 Bill. (The Church has all the necessities for this.)

Be a blessing to the teachers at the Union 9th grade center by writing cards and giving school supplies. You can contact vice principal Beau Brannon at 479 739-6757 to learn of any specific opportunities or teachers.

Contact Josh’s Sno Cones to come in their van to your neighborhood to bless your street. 

Find a local business who might need a fresh coat of paint on the outside of their building.

Go to dinner together as a small group and leave an ENORMOUS tip for the waiter/waitress with an Anthem card.

Volunteer at John 3:16’s monthly outreach to students and children. Contact

BTCM Adoption of orphans. Contact Marsha Baker at


ABKA / Christa Vance
American Bushido-kai Karate Association

Baptist Collegiate Ministries / Brandon Brister

Car Care Ministry / Mark Hanne 

Changing Lanes Ministries / Brett Hendrix

Feed My Starving Children

Little Lighthouse

New Hope Oklahoma

One Hope Ministries / Joe Blankenship

Rescue Shop / Denny Holzbauer

Tulsa Metro Baptist Network