What To Expect:

We feel that it's our responsibility to clear the way┬Ł for you to come to church. Through modern worship and practical teaching, we present the timeless truths of the Bible in a format that's easy to understand - even if you've never been to church. We hope that you will come join us this week!

Here are a few thoughts to help you prepare for coming this weekend:

1. Dress Casual. Most people dress casual. Jeans are the norm.

2. When you arrive come by the Cafe to pick up a cup of coffee. It's on us and is our small way of saying that we're glad you came. If you have kids you can check them in at Anthem Kids.  If you have any questions feel free to find a host team member or someone at the Get Connected table and they can help with any questions you may have!    

3. On your way into the auditorium you'll receive a bulletin. It will tell you all about what's happening around the church and what we are talking about that morning. In the seat back in front of you, you will find an information card,  we'd love for you to fill it out and bring it by the Get Connected table in the lobby after service.  We would love to meet you and help answer any questions you may have! 

4. Enjoy the service. Participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. We'll let you know if we are about to stand or sit down, so just hang back and check us out your first week.

5. Before you leave stop by the Get Connected table!  We would love to meet you and give you a free gift! At the table you will also find information about the church, how to get involved in team Anthem and what Small Groups are available.  We look forward to meeting you!